Laying tool

  Laying tool It is a tool that is used for laying copper and optical cables inside the concrete duct and HDPE pipes   Our company provides  variables sizes of laying tools with multiple [...]

Dura Line

Dura line A pipe made of HDPE material and used for laying fiber optic cables for the purpose of protection from outside circumstances and soil pressure knowing that the pipe can bear a pressure [...]

Fiber Closure

Fiber Closure It is a tool used to link the optical fibers and to protect them from dust and water There are two kinds of closure and as following Dome closure:  suspended on poles Horizontal [...]

Copper and optical cables

Optical and Copper Cables Our company provides multiple cable kinds of copper and optical telecommunication cables and we are the exclusive representative to import and sell HES Kablo Company [...]


Optical Distributor Frame    It is commonly known as ODF and is used to link the cable ends and to determine the beneficiary party from the telephone network, data user and fibers numbering [...]