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We are the top promoter of Moroj Al-Maas for Engineering Industries, Trade, General Contracting and Telecommunication Services Limited, which was established in 1988 in Baghdad

We are pleased to inform you that our company is specialized in engineering industries and specialized engineering and technical cadres. In addition to the business, processing, construction and communications services. Our company also expresses its full readiness to cooperate with you in various fields, including the processing and installation of machinery and all mechanical equipment, electrical transformers, power generation and distribution stations, secondary stations and capacitors of various kinds and their originators, including power capacitors, communication and fiber optics, telephone exchanges, electricity and communication cables and lighting poles. Telephone and communication towers (domestic or imported), electric power transmission towers, as well as connecting and checking equipment. Faithful and internal PBX is equipped with a monument and world class and well-known origins in addition to processing and installation of all piping and valves and accessories from various Western and Asian origins period and the lowest possible processing and Bklv appropriate.

It is worth mentioning that the class of Baghdad Chamber of Commerce of our company is the grade (excellent) and also has the ISO International Certificate (9001 – 2015).

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